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Ocean Warrior

Captain Paul Watson Of Sea Shepherd Reveals Story Behind His Obsession For Whales [VIDEO]

May 16, 2017 AM EDT He will never back down. Paul Watson will never give up the fight.

Sad Woman

University Of Basel Says People Should Stop Believing Silence Means Yes [VIDEO]

May 15, 2017 AM EDT According to study, rejection and unkind comments are still better than being ignored.

Cyber attack

Cyber-World Braces For The 2nd Wave Of Largest Ransomware Attack – Here’s What You Need To Do [VIDEO]

May 15, 2017 AM EDT Currently, 150 countries are affected and over 200,000 computers have been damaged.

Cyber Attack Stemmed By Young Researchers

Science And Cyber Crime: Young Scientists Stop Dangerous Cyber Attack From Becoming An Outbreak [VIDEO]

May 15, 2017 AM EDT A young British cyber security researcher was able to stop a ransomware from spreading.

New Strange Material Bends How Light Interact With Matter

Photonic Hypercrystals: Another Strange Material With Mind-bending Properties [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017 AM EDT Photonic hypercrystals were predicted to exist only in theory two years ago but they are now a reality

Antibiotics On Display

Goodbye Antibiotics: Ancient Medical Methods Find Their Way Back To Modern Medicine [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017 AM EDT Two ancient medical methods prove to be more effective than antibiotics in eliminating bacteria that cause infections

Whale Warriors

Sea Shepherd Wants Denmark Charged For Mass Pilot Whale Slaughter [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017 AM EDT A bloody tradition of mass slaughtering pilot whales in the Faroe Islands needs to stop.

Ivy League

Possibilities Outside Ivy League: The Obsession With Elite Universities And What It Does [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017 AM EDT Experts say universities should not be proud of low acceptance rates. Here's Why?

Children Suicide Rate Is Increasing

Children Suicide Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate, Study Reveals [VIDEO]

May 06, 2017 AM EDT Children suicide rate has been increasing at an alarming rate in less than a decade

Stealing Passwords Using Brain Waves

Malicious Software: University Study Unveils How Headsets Can Use Brainwaves To Steal Passwords [VIDEO]

May 06, 2017 AM EDT New hi-tech devices in the market can be used to extract important personal data using brain waves and feed them to cyber criminals

Profanity Increases Strength

New Research From Keele University Reveals How Swearing Strengthens A Person [VIDEO]

May 06, 2017 AM EDT Want to increase strength? A new research from Keele University in the UK finds how being anger released verbally helps.

Researchers Hope The Eventual Detection Of Hybrid Mesons Would Help To Understand Strong Nuclear Forc

Researchers Hope The Eventual Detection Of Hybrid Mesons Would Help To Understand Strong Nuclear Force [VIDEO]

May 06, 2017 AM EDT Researchers have taken the first experimental result toward solving the problem of quark confinement. The first experimental result of the researchers has been published from the newly upgraded CEBAF ...

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