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Palm oil leads to Death of Orangutans

Palm Oil Might Be the Main Culprit in Death of Orangutans

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Today, palm oil crisis leads to death of orangutans. Everything needs massive production and one of those is palm oil.


Daily Cannabis Use Lowers Odds of Using Illicit Opioids Among People Who Have Chronic Pain

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST For those using illicit opioids to manage their chronic pain, cannabis may be a beneficial - and a less dangerous - alternative, according to new research from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU).

fMRI Scan of Adult with One Hemisphere Removed

Brain Scans Reveal How the Human Brain Compensates When One Hemisphere is Removed

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST Researchers studying six adults who had one of their brain hemispheres removed during childhood to reduce epileptic seizures found that the remaining half of the brain formed unusually strong ...

Man dies after eating 41 eggs for bet with friend

Man Dies After Eating 41 Eggs to Win a Bet Against a Friend

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST A man has died wanting to settle a disagreement with a friend by attempting to eat 50 eggs in one sitting.

Woman staring at a photo

Research Reveals No Link Between Statins and Memory Loss

Nov 19, 2019 AM EST Findings from more than 1,000 elderly individuals assessed over six years have revealed no links between statin medication and cognitive decline, such as memory loss, presenting new advice amidst some ...


The Difference Between an Expert's Brain and a Novice's

Nov 19, 2019 AM EST When mice learn to do a new task, their brain activities change over time as they advance from 'novice' to 'expert.' The changes are reflected in the wiring of cell circuits and activities of neurons.

wind energy

Climate Change Increases Global Wind Speeds, Favorable For Wind Energy Industry

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST A new study suggests that after decades of stagnation, global wind speeds have increased significantly since 2010. Scientists say they believe that behind the rise of gustiness are shifts in ocean ...

intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting Increases Longevity in Cardiac Catheterization Patients

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST While Intermittent fasting may sound like another dieting craze, the practice of routinely not eating and drinking for short periods of time has shown again to lead to potentially better health ...


Study Shows Digital Media has Damaging Impact on Reintegration of 'White Collar' Criminals

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Offenders convicted of occupational crime and corruption are having their rehabilitation negatively affected by long term 'labels' attached to them on digital media, according to new research by the ...

pregnant mom with child

Rollercoaster Weight Changes Can Repeat With Second Pregnancy, Especially Among Normal-weight Women

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Everyone knows that gaining excess weight during one pregnancy is bad, but clinicians rarely consider weight gains and losses from one pregnancy to the next--especially in normal-weight women.

Barriers to Recognizing Depression

2/3 of Parents Cite Barriers in Recognizing Youth Depression

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Teens and preteens are no strangers to depression: 1 in 4 parents say their child knows a peer with depression; 1 in 10 say a child's peer has committed suicide.

keto diet

Ketogenic Diet Helps Tame Flu Virus

Nov 16, 2019 AM EST A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet like the Keto regimen has its fans, but influenza apparently isn't one of them.

These are transplanted inhibitory neurons (green) successfully incorporated into the hippocampus of a mouse with traumatic brain injury.

New Cell Therapy Improves Memory and Stops Seizures Following TBI

Nov 16, 2019 AM EST Transplanting new inhibitory neurons may repair damaged brain circuits


Link Between Inflammation and Mental Sluggishness Shown in New Study

Nov 16, 2019 AM EST Scientists at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam have uncovered a possible explanation for the mental sluggishness that often accompanies illness.

Amazon Best Sellers: Personal Care Products

Amazon Best Sellers: Personal Care Products for All Ages

Nov 16, 2019 AM EST Amazon Best Sellers: Personal Care Products. Personal care products are basic consumer needs that help you look presentable at all times. We need to maintain our personal cleanliness for a good ...

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