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Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter To Speak At Public Berkeley Sproul Plaza [VIDEO]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said they could not bar Coulter from speaking in Sproul Plaza as it has a historic significance as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement in 1964.

Harvard Goes To Slack

Harvard Offers Free Business And Work Advice In Slack [VIDEO]

Apr 25, 2017 PM EDT The Harvard Business Review has created a free bot in Slack to deliver helpful business advice to people

The Amazing Ray Kurzweil

Google's Ray Kurzweil Predicts Humans Will Be Powered By Machines By 2045 [VIDEO]

Apr 25, 2017 AM EDT Ray Kurzweil said that people should not fear the coming Singularity because it will be more beneficial to humans rather than dangerous

Sericomyrmex Radioheadi – the Scientific Name for a Group of Ants named After Radiohead

Smithsonian Honors Radiohead as Farming Ant Insects [Video]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT Radiohead honored through some form of Amazon ants.

Morning lectures

Research Shows That College Classes Should Start In The Afternoon [Video]

Apr 25, 2017 PM EDT College students perform cognitive tasks better later in the day.

Former President Obama Speaks On Civic Engagement At The University Of Chicago

Barack Obama Inspires The Youth at University of Chicago [Video]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT Barack Obama re-emerged to talk about the future of the next generation.


Scientists Reveal Origin Of Indonesian Hobbits Linked To Homo Erectus Or Homo Habilis [VIDEO]

Apr 25, 2017 PM EDT The study suggests the species could have branched off as early as 1.75 million years ago. Dr. Argue said it's possible that they evolved in Africa then migrated.

Experts Judge The Annual International Wine Challenge Entries

From Old Glass Bottles to Batteries: The Science of this Low Cost Technology Explored [Video]

Apr 24, 2017 PM EDT Old wine bottle can become low cost lithium ion batteries. This research proves it.

North Korea

U.S. University Professor Detained At North [Video]

Apr 24, 2017 PM EDT Tony Kim is said to be in his late 50s and taught college accounting.

Artificial Intelligence And Aging

Artificial Intelligence Has The Answer To Immortality [VIDEO]

Apr 24, 2017 AM EDT Artificial intelligence to will soon be used to battle aging which a lot of scientists believe is a disease that needs to be cured

The Statue Of John Harvard

John Harvard: A Look At An Interesting And Controversial History Of The University's Founder [VIDEO]

Apr 24, 2017 PM EDT John Harvard's statue has a rich and controversial history that is still the subject of many discussions until now


Bell Missing A Century Ago From Colorado State University Finally Found [VIDEO]

Apr 24, 2017 AM EDT The bell arrived back on campus in late March and was included in a tower of the Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center.

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