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Cal State Faculty Union Promises 5 Days of Striking Unless Given Pay Raise

Feb 08, 2016 PM EST A union representing the faculty of the California State University system will stage two multi-day strikes in April over demands of better pay.

Earth's Temperature, Sea Level Face Grave Consequences from Fossil Fuel Usage

Feb 08, 2016 PM EST A team of researchers paint a bleak picture for planet Earth if its inhabitants continue burning fossil fuels the way humans have done.

Baylor President Issues Letter Defending School's Sexual Misconduct Response

Feb 08, 2016 PM EST Baylor University publicly refuted an investigative report calling into question its track record sexual misconduct violations, specifically those pertaining to football players.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Performs Trajectory Maneuver en Route to Jupiter

Feb 08, 2016 PM EST NASA's Juno spacecraft performed a maneuver Wednesday to keep it on track for an Independence Day arrival at the largest planet in the solar system.

Ancient Human Ancestor Australopithecus sediba Probably Couldn't Chew Hard Foods

Feb 08, 2016 AM EST An early human ancestor likely did not eat hard foods as previously suggested because it did not have the jaw necessary for such foods.

Dr Larycia Hawkins Agrees With Wheaton College to No Longer Teach There

Feb 08, 2016 AM EST Wheaton College and Dr. Larycia Hawkins have reached an agreement that will put an end to the two sides' opposition over the latter's theological views.

Treon Harris Planning Position Change, Working Out as Wide Receiver

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST With a pair of transfer students eligible this year and another two freshmen incoming, Treon Harris was going to be in for a complicated quarterback competition at Florida.

Louisville Basketball Self-Imposes Postseason Ban Amid NCAA Investigation

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST The University of Louisville announced it had self-imposed a postseason ban on its men's basketball team while multiple organizations investigate allegations of prostitution solicitation.

Graduate Transfer Rule Change a Possibility, NCAA Division I Council Rules

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST The NCAA is open to reforming its graduate transfer rules for Division I football and men's basketball Academic Progress Rate, though without putting any restrictions in place.

Russell Wilson to Give Wisconsin's Commencement Address

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST Russell Wilson may have only spent the latest stage of his college football career at the University of Wisconsin, but it was his one season there that may have gotten him to the NFL.

Pat Haden to Retire as USC's Athletic Director at the End of June

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST Pat Haden will step down from his post as athletic director at the University of Southern California at the end of June.

Pluto's 'Floating Hills' the Latest Example of Pluto's Geological Diversity

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST One of the most interesting finds from New Horizons' flyby of Pluto was the recent discovery of hills on the dwarf planet's surface that appear to float.

Europe's Forest Growing Efforts Did Not Curb Global Warming

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST Europe may be inadvertently encouraging global warming by increasing the amount of dark green conifers it is planting.

Wildebeest-Like Ancient Animal Had Unique Duckbilled Snout like a Dinosaur

Feb 05, 2016 PM EST A team of researchers identified an ancient animal that seems to resemble a wildebeest, but had a duckbilled snout like a dinosaur's.

Years' Worth of Racist Emails from UChicago's Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Chapter Leaked

Feb 05, 2016 AM EST The national Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Lambda chapter at the University of Chicago will "investigate and confront" a litany of racist emails recently made public.

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