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Scientists Successfully Bring Rabbit's Brain Back from Cryogenic Freeze

Feb 12, 2016 AM EST A team of researchers said for the first time they have returned a mammal's brain to an operational state after it was cryogenically frozen.

Graham Spanier Sues Penn State, Louis Freeh for Defamation

Feb 12, 2016 AM EST In a move expected for some time, Graham Spanier sued the school he was once president of, Pennsylvania State University, and former FBI director Louis Freeh.

LSU Football Could Be Closed Due to State's Budget Deficit, Gov. Warns

Feb 12, 2016 AM EST Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards did not hold back when trying to emphasize the significance of the state's budget crisis, and one major victim could be LSU football.

Scientists Develop Ultra-Tough Polymer That Can Reshape With Just a Touch

Feb 12, 2016 AM EST Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an ultra-tough polymer that can change its shape when introduced to body heat.

Philae Comet Lander Officially Declared Lost in Space

Feb 12, 2016 AM EST The European Space Agency and German Aerospace Center (DLR) have officially closed the book on the Rosetta mission.

Iowa - Indiana Basketball 2016 Live Radio Broadcast: Hawkeyes Enter Stretch Run Atop Big Ten

Feb 11, 2016 PM EST Atop the Big Ten and with their toughest opponents behind them, the Iowa Hawkeyes (4) are going into the final month of their season looking to lock up a one-seed for the NCAA Tournament.

Strange Fracture in Northern Michigan Explained After 5 Years

Feb 11, 2016 PM EST Five years after the abrupt appearance of a strange fracture in the Earth in a forest near Birch Creek on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, researchers were able to explain what it is.

NCAA Football Rules Committee Allows Replay Review of All Targeting Fouls

Feb 11, 2016 PM EST The NCAA's committee for football rule changes voted in favor of expanding instant replay to get targeting penalty calls correct.

Ultra-Bright Star Creating Stunning Reflection Nebula

Feb 11, 2016 PM EST A newly formed star in the Chameleon Complex constellation is becoming a stunning reflection nebula, fascinating on-looking astronomers.

NCAA Clears Up First Four Confusion for This Year's Tournament

Feb 11, 2016 AM EST With March Madness just about a month away, the NCAA decided it would simplify the terminology for the weekend of games.

Fearing an Omnipotent God Brings People Together to Advance Society

Feb 11, 2016 AM EST When a group of people agrees to get behind one purpose, like advancing society, they usually accomplish their goals.

Scientists Identify Ancient Human Remains as Roman Immigrants

Feb 11, 2016 AM EST The remains of ancient humans offer clues about the people who migrated to Rome during its Imperial Era at the turn of the millennium.

Pat Haden Hospitalized Briefly, Now Recovering

Feb 11, 2016 AM EST The University of Southern California confirmed its athletic director, Pat Haden, is recovering after being hospitalized for being light-headed.

Various Wolf Species Have Different Howls

Feb 10, 2016 PM EST Different kinds of wolves have different howling dialects similar to how language has evolved with humans from various parts of the world.

UC-Berkeley Plans Major Budget Overhaul to Deal With Deficit

Feb 10, 2016 PM EST The University of California - Berkeley is planning a full overhaul of its budget in the face of a massive deficit.

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