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Bronze Age Village in Britain Yielding Well-Preserved Artifacts


A team of researchers at Cambridge University detailed a surprisingly well-preserved Bronze Age village in Peterborough, Britain.

"The finds, taken together, provide a fuller picture of prehistoric life than we have ever had before," David Gibson, the Cambridge unit's archaeology manager, told The Washington Post. "At a normal site, you might get one or two metal finds: axes, chisels, gouges. Essentially, what we've got is the archaeology of a complete home, preserved."

Unlike many artifacts discovered at Bronze Age sites, many of the items found at this one were completely intact. A number of the artifacts also appeared to come from mainland Europe, like France and Spain, indicating the people who lived in the village were not an "insular island society."

Head over to BBC News for pictures of the artifacts and the remains of the houses from the excavation site.

"Usually at a Later Bronze Age period site you get pits, post-holes and maybe one or two really exciting metal finds. Convincing people that such places were once thriving settlements takes some imagination," Gibson said in a news release. "But this time so much more has been preserved - we can actually see everyday life during the Bronze Age in the round. It's prehistoric archaeology in 3D with an unsurpassed finds assemblage both in terms of range and quantity."

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