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NASA Images Show Pluto Still Developing


NASA's probe to Pluto, The New Horizons, has captured images that reveal that the planet Pluto might still be in a developing stage, Wall Street OTC reports.

The probe has captured images of Pluto's surface and its atmosphere. The fact that Pluto's surface is smooth and icy shows that Pluto might still be forming shape. Pluto is the youngest planet in the solar system.

The presence of ice on Pluto's surface proves the presence of water on Pluto. The scientists have also now confirmed the presence of methane gas on the planet.

The New Horizons probe to Pluto left Earth on January 19th 2006 and arrived on Pluto 9 years later, on July 14th 2015. It has traveled 3 billion miles to discover more details of the planet.

The data also reveals that the scientists were misinformed about the size of Pluto, which is actually five times smaller than earth.  This proves that Pluto is bigger than scientists had earlier presumed it to be.

Scientists are now hoping that the information sent by New Horizons will shed more light on the chemical make up of Pluto and on the space around it.

The probe has now passed Pluto and is moving towards other celestial bodies of rock and ice.

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