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Proof Of Alien Civilization: Mars Has Walled Cities [Video]

Dec 01, 2016 AM EST Photos of Elysium Planitia taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) of NASA, has alien enthusiasts believe that proof of the existence of walled cities on Mars has been found.

SpaceX In Serious Talks With Facebook and Verizon For Mars Mission? [Video]

Dec 01, 2016 AM EST A recent report suggests that Elon Musk and SpaceX is in serious talks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pertaining to SpaceX's ambitious Mars mission, telecom giant Verizon is reportedly joining the ...

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’: Challenge to Catch 100 Million Pokemon Begins In First Global Mission [Video]

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST In its first ever Global Mission, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players will participate in timed events to work and unlock prizes beginning today.

Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone Will Feature Wireless Charging From Across The Room [Video]

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST Apple will apparently release three new iPhone models next year including a 4.7-inch model touted as the cheapest of the iPhone 8 line that will supprot wireless charging from across the room.

Apple Tags 2009 To 2011 Macs As Vintage And Obsolete At The End Of The Year [Video]

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST Several Mac models from 2009 to 2011 joins Apple's list of vintage and obsolete models starting Dec. 31 this year.

Philips Hue App Expands To iPad, Improved iOS 10 Support With 3D Touch Options for iPhone [VIDEO]

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST Philips updated their Philips Hue app to officially support Apple's iPad since its launch in 2013.

Samsung Shareholders Calls For Company Split; Tech Giant Mulls Proposal To Boost Value

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST Samsung has been under a lot of pressure from shareholders to split the company in two, and the Korean tech giant is reportedly considering the proposal.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Autopilot 8.1 Will be Out In Three Weeks [Video]

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST Tesla CEO Elon Musk answered frustrated Tesla owners when semi-autonomous Autopilot 8.1 update is to be released. The good news is, they will not have to wait that long.

Google's Pixel Captures 10% Of Premium Smartphone Market In India; Apple Maintains Lead [Video]

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST Despite having a boring design, Google's Pixel smartphones made it big in India where it captured 10 percent of the market last month.

Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot Rolling Out in Three Weeks; What Can It Do? [Video]

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST In three weeks, Tesla will roll out the Enhanced Autopilot update, which will fall sometime in mid-December.

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Tips & Tricks: Poke Pelago Mini Game Hides A Big Secret [Video]

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST Poke Pelago is a new mini-game mode in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that finally employs the trainer's Boxed Pokemon to join in a variety of games and activities which enabling the trainer to find rare ...

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Tips & Tricks: How To Get Shiny Charm And Catch Shiny Pokemon [Video]

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST Shiny Pokemon features different color palettes than their normal counterparts, though they do not possess any advantages aside from them being rare.

Pokemon Go: Update Tipped 100 New Pokemon Includes Mew, Mewtwo; [HOT TIP] How to Catch Ditto! [Video]

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST December will cater in a reported massive Pokemon Go update that will bring in 100 new normal and Legendary Pokemon that includes Mew and Mewtwo, new gameplay features, and chance to catch Ditto.

Apple’s MacBook Pro Is A Hotseller, But Not Necessarily Better [Video]

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST New Apple products are usually greeted with a fair amount of fanfare. However, the new MacBook Pro has been blasted for being an overpriced hardware with a limited amount of RAM.

Rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone Killer Specs; RAM 4GB, 6GB, 8GB Models [Video]

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST Latest rumored prototypes of the Microsoft Surface Phones break the surface with three variants with sporting 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB models.

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