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‘Clash of Clans’ December Update Rumor: Ships Coming, Better Air Defense, New Looks [VIDEO]

Nov 03, 2016 PM EDT "Clash of Clans" will soon have another update on December that has something to with ships and new looks. Recently Supercell issued a stern warning against CoC cheaters.

‘Pokemon GO’ Catch Chance Calculator Guide: How To Improve Chances Of Catching Pokemon [VIDEO]

Nov 03, 2016 AM EDT Pokemon GO players have a new tool to use in collecting Pokemon. The Catch Chance calculator is increases the probability of a catching a good Pokemon in the game.

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Rumors, Spoilers: Eren Discovers Survey Corps’ Real Purpose [VIDEO]

Nov 03, 2016 AM EDT "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will probably air in mid-2017. There are speculations that Erin will discover the real purpose of the Survey Corps and he is not going to like it.

‘Homeland’ Season 6 Spoilers Update: Carrie Mathison Quits CIA To Take Care Of Quinn & Frannie?

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT "Homeland" Season 6 is nearing its air date on 2017 with ...

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 4 Cast Update: Kamar de los Reyes Joins Upcoming Season [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT "Sleepy Hollow" will have a number new casts for its upcoming fourth installment. One of the actors joining the show is Kamar de los Reyes who will play the role as the bodyguard of the villain.

‘The Flash’ Movie Loses Two Directors In A Row Including Rick Fumuyiwa, What Are They Not Telling Us? [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT Rick Fumuyima just left the production of "The Flash" the movie. He's the second director to leave because of "creative difference." Is the movie going to be postponed?

‘The Affair’ Season 3 [SPOILERS] Cole Torn Between Allison And Luisa? Noah Chase Allison? [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT "The Affair" season 3 promises to be an exciting show to watch based on the promo trailer. Fans of the show will get to see the first episode of season 3 on November 20, 2016.

‘Overwatch’ Sombra 2016 Blizzcon Reveal Update: Second Image found On Blizzard Site; Appearance Imminent? [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT A second image of Sombra has been found in the official Blizzard site, virtually confirming her reveal in the upcoming 2016 Blizzcon event. Although the image was taken down, the latest image has ...

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Update: Upcoming Season Presents Darker Psychological Story [VIDEO]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT "Tokyo Ghoul" will have season 3 though the exact date has yet to be release yet. The show creators promised a much darker and gory theme for the show.

Xbox One S Ads: Microsoft Jokingly Highlight Selling Point Against The Sony PlayStation

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT The Xbox One advertisement showed that Microsoft can poke fun at itself. It also indirectly boasts that its latest console has 2TB of inside storage

‘The Winds Of Winter’: Rumored Release Date March 2017; George RR Martin Proofreading Reported? [VIDEO]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT "The Winds of Winter" is reportedly being proofread by author George RR Martin. This is to make sure that the book will come out on schedule which is being reported as March 2017.

‘Rambo: New Blood’ - Reboot Film Without Sylvester Stallone; Who Will Play The Lead Role? [VIDEO]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT "Rambo: New Blood" will be a reboot film of the old action film series. The original star, Sylvester Stallone has indicated that he will not reprise his old role.

Nintendo Switch Games Update: When Will Level -5 Launch Nintendo Switch Games? [VIDEO]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT Game developer Level-5 has announced that it will not field a game title for the Nintendo Switch during its launch on March 2017. The announcement has raised some eyebrows since it has several ...

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Rumors – Story Lines Include Female Captain, Gay Character [VIDEO]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT 'Star Trek: Discovery will feature a diverse crew which has been the standard practice of the series. The upcoming show however, will be noted for casting an openly gay actor to play a gay character.

Android 7.0 Nougat Tips For Cell Phone Data Plan Subscribers

Oct 31, 2016 PM EDT Android 7.0 Nougat is the newest OS for Android mobile devices. Here are some tips that will save some of the precious data and increase productivity.

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