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A Black Cat Halted the Cowboys-Giants NFL Game with a Thrillingly Furry Touchdown


A black cat halted the Cowboy-Giants football game.
A black cat halted the Cowboy-Giants football game.
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Unbelievably brave black cat took to the field on Monday during the Cowboys-Giants NFL football game to show off his amazing sprints. The game was delayed as he rushed all over MetLife Stadium.

During the second quarter, it is funny how the players and coaches stood on the sidelines while watching the fluffy cat showed them how it should be done.

Denying the capture, the chubby feline zigzagged across the turf refusing to look foolish in front of the audience.

Joe Tessitore, an ESPN commentator, said that the black cat which halted the Cowboys-Giants NFL football game has great lateral movements.

As the cat runs into the end zone, Harlan yelled "that is a touchdown'! The crowd roared with excitement that moment.

So what happens to the cat? It just slipped into a tunnel and disappeared into the night.

The Giants ended up losing that football game at 37-18.  

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Here are more fun facts about black cats around the world:

  • Black cats are good luck - Most of the countries believe that black cats are sign of bad lucks. Little did we know that if you are a single woman in Japan, having a black cat is said to attract more number of suitors. In Germany on the other hand, if one happens to cross your path from right to left, good things are on their way.


  • They are sailor's best friend - This is not only applicable in the anime Sailor Moon. British vessels welcome aboard these little black furry friend to hunt mice. The sailors believe that a cat which is charcoal in color would bring good luck for the whole journey and ensure a safe home return.


  • Black cats have higher chance of being adopted - It's usual to think that black cats have lower chances of being adopted. But based from a recent survey of ASPCA, their total list of adoption was the highest of any color.


  • Their coat can rust - There are three variants of the black fur gene. It varies from cinnamon and brown up to a solid black. The color variation has its own hue pattern. A nutritional deficiency is also a common cause of a rusty brown cat that was once a solid black.


  • The gene that causes black fur is believed to protect them from certain diseases - It may be the color that gives these little fellas a bad reputation. But these felines may be having the last laugh after all. Based on a study, the mutation found in its black fur is of the same family as genes known to protect humans from diseases like HIV. The benefit of a black cat's coat and origin is more of an illness resistance than for camouflage purposes just like what the scientist said. They are also looking forward to decode its DNA as it can lead us closer to curing HIV.

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