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HiringSolved Data: Silicon Valley Tech Giants Hire More Grads From Top Universities [VIDEO]


According to new survey from the online recruiting company, HiringSolved, Silicon Valley hire more alumni from University of California, Berkeley, than any other school. UC has proven itself as a pipeline for tech talent.

Stanford University came in second, followed by Carnegie Mellon University (No. 3), University of Southern California (No. 4) and The University of Texas, Austin (No. 5). The top 5 universities send most graduates on to careers at Silicon Valley's top 25 tech companies by revenue. Out of the top 10 universities, none were Ivy League schools.

The San Francisco Business Times reported, the HiringSolved survey used data from more than 10,000 public profiles for tech workers that were hired or promoted to new positions in 2016 and January to February of 2017. The first Ivy League school to make the cut was Cornell at No. 15 and MIT at No. 20.

HiringSolved CEO, Shon Burton said that tech industry recruiters are looking for students with a strong fundamental understanding of the basics of technology. He added it is important to understand the 'how's' and 'why's' of how things work. Silicon Valley recruiters are looking for specific skills rather than Ivy League credentials such as Python, C++ and Java, which are the most in-demand programming languages.

Berkeley also happens to be just an hour drive from major tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Tesla. The university's career fairs are well attended by top recruiters because of its proximity to Silicon Valley.

The Business Insider reported, other schools that produce the most tech employees are Georgia Institute of Technology (No.6), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (No.7), San Jose State University (No.8), University of California, San Diego (No.9), Arizona State University (No.10), University of Michigan (No.11), University of California, Los Angeles (No.12), North Carolina State University (No.13), California Polytechnic State University (No.14), Cornell University (No.15), University of Waterloo (No.16), Texas A&M University (No.17), University of Washington (No.18), Purdue University (No.19), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (No.20), Santa Clara University (No.21), University of Phoenix (No.22), University of California, Santa Barbara (No.23), University of California, Davis (No.24), and Penn State University.

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