That All Americans Are United By Their Love of Fast Food, Study Reveals [VIDEO]


Who does not love fast food? Burgers? Pizza? Fries? If there is one thing that unites all Americans, it would be their love for fast food. And according to a new study, the economic class does not even matter because whether rich or poor, fast food remains to be the top food choice for them.

The Ohio State University study debunked the myth that fast food is only for the poor and that its consumption is only concentrated for the poor, Science Daily reported. The findings of the study showed that it is the middle-income Americans that were most likely to eat fast foods. And even the richest people almost have the same consumption as the middle class.

Jay Zagorsky, co-author of the study and research scientist at The Ohio State University's Center for Human Resource Research, said that it is not mostly poor people who are eating fast food in America. And while the rich people may have more options, it does not mean that they do not go to fast food anymore such as KFC or McDonald's.

In the study, the participants were made to answer questions regarding wealth and income, and the results have shown that the consumption among all participants were almost similar, and the differences were just very small, according to Medical Xpress. In general, 79 percent of the total number of respondents ate fast food at least once, and 23 percent ate three or more meals in just a matter of one week.

There was a total of 8,000 respondents who participated in the study and the results suggest that there were a few people who have been probably eating just fast food at a certain period of time. However, the limitations of the study is that it was not specified as to which food these people were actually choosing from the fast food, because some may still have chosen healthier options.

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