College Application: How Students With No Internet Access Can Apply [VIDEO]


Over the last many years, it has been very easy for students to apply for college, thanks to the advent of the internet. Today, it only takes clicks and a few buttons and they can already complete their application. But, how about the kids with limited access to the internet? The ones who do not even have internet service at home?

While the process is made to be easier for most of the students, it is not quite the same for some. In 2013, a total of 32 percent of college freshman students have been able to apply to more than seven colleges simply because of the fact that it was much more convenient when done online, according to The Atlantic. However, this process is not something that everybody can enjoy considering that there are some kids who only have limited financial means and limited access to the internet, and they end up applying to fewer colleges.

David Hawkins, NACAC's (National Association for College Admission Counseling) executive director for educational content and policy said that this is but just one of the major challenges that low income students face. And this is why a group of more than 90 colleges are currently working in order to make the college application better, Fast Company reported. Some of these schools include Harvard, Princeton, Penn State and the University of Arizona.

Currently, efforts from different schools are being put to place in order to make the application process more centralized. Some schools are developing apps to help the students get the information they need, especially when it comes to financial aid. The College Board is also currently working on sending text information pertaining to aid application and notifications for upcoming deadlines. More programs are also being established help students gather documents for applications, and some to help them find out if they are qualified for college aids.

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