That All Americans Are United By Their Love of Fast Food, Study Reveals [VIDEO]

May 05, 2017 PM EDT An Ohio State University study reveals that all Americans have almost the same fast food consumption, whether they are rich or poor.

University Research Teams Develop New Method To Track Hazardous Chemicals In The Body

Mar 31, 2017 PM EDT Hazardous chemicals can be radiolabeled and tracked inside the body.

McDonald's Gives Managers A Chance To Earn College Credit On The Job

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT McDonald's Canada has offered an interesting perk for its managers.

Restaurant Meals May Be Just As Unhealthy As Fast Food

Jul 17, 2015 PM EDT New research suggests that restaurant meals may be just as unhealthy as food from a fast-food outlet.

Trans Fat Consumption May Hurt Memory

Nov 26, 2014 PM EST New research suggests that trans fats are associated with declines in memory among young and middle-aged people.

Eating at Fast-Food Restaurants Increases Intake of Calories and Sugar, Study

Aug 08, 2014 AM EDT Eating at fast-food and full-service restaurants lead to an increase in the consumption of calories, sugar, saturated fat and sodium, especially in adults, according to a new study by the University ...

Chicken Nuggets Contain 40 Percent Meat And The Remaining 60 Percent Includes Fat, Skin, Blood Vessels, Mississippi Study

Oct 05, 2013 AM EDT A study has revealed that chicken meat was not the predominant component present in nuggets. It consisted of items people do not unusually imagine when eating the snack.

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