Break Time: Car Camping Tips For Students This Summer [VIDEO]


Students breathe a collective sigh of relief as summer break approaches. This is the perfect time to unwind and relax after all the stress they went through during the semester.

Some students also opt to use their breaks for productivity and getting ahead in terms of their academic or career goals. This includes going on internships programs or to take up summer classes locally or abroad.

One great idea to enjoy the break is to go on a road trip. Road trips provide a chance for students to soak in their surroundings and experience new parts of the country.

While they're at it, students can also go car camping instead of staying at hotels which are just additional costs to one's vacation. Car campers often opt to sleep in their cars or set up tents. There are plenty of sites found on Backpacker, Blue Ridge Outdoors and Free Campsites.

BuzzFeed also shared tips on how students can try car camping. Students can use battery- or solar-powered string lights that can light up the inside of their cars for evenings at the camp site.

To make extra space for storage, students can also elevate their air mattress with a platform. This provides extra storage space underneath for other camping necessities.

Tarps are also very useful for keeping the rain out. Campers can secure a tarp on the side of their cars to keep the rain out without needing to close the car doors. Afterwards, they can boost it up using poles or sticks for a makeshift covered porch - ideal for sitting and eating under shade.

Mosquito nets are useful in keeping bugs out. Hanging this over an open trunk can help keep insects out.

For food, campers can balance a foldable camping table on their bumper to create a mini-kitchen. Those who will sleep in a tent and not in their cars can equip their trunks with clear drawers for an easy-access car pantry.

Moreover, ordinary items that can be used for other purposes are campers' best friends. Frozen water bottles can replace expensive bags of ice the same way as a simple water jug and headlamp can replace a camping lantern.

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