Spring Break 2017: Productive Ways For Students To Spend Their Time


A lot of students look forward to spring break to go on vacations and finally have some rest. This is understandable since they go through intense pressure during the school year and deserve some time off.

Students can go on a road trip this spring break 2017. There are places where they can go that will not cost them above $500. They can go to adventures on deserts and canyons or along the Pacific Coast highway as well as at New England.

For those who don't want to venture out of the city, they can opt to stay at home and catch up on some sleep. They can also try to take up new habits and passion projects.

USA Today College shared how students can maximize spring break to get ahead in terms of their academic or career goals. Students can use these tips to work on their internships and on how to look professional.

Apply for a summer or fall internship

This can help students get ahead in terms of their career goals after college. Moreover, some internship programs can even be counted as college credit.

Build the best resume

Students can use spring break to polish and update their resumes. A well-thought-out resume and cover letter can impress recruiters and hiring managers.

Get cleaning

Spring break is also a great time to reorganizing one's dorm room or home. Students can get rid of old clothes or sort through thousands of unread emails in their inboxes.

Create study guides for finals

GPA is important so students should prepare for finals week as early as they can. Spring break is an ideal time to prepare for exams.

Catch up on some reading

Go ahead and finish that textbook or grab an interesting book. A lot of leaders admit that reading played a major role in their success.

Go shopping

The break could also be a good time for students to take care of their personal grooming. Taking care of themselves can help them present themselves professionally as they look for jobs.

Get connected

Again, networking can help students with their career goals. Building one's professional contacts begin in college.

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