Campus Life: Practical Tips On Keeping Student Dorm Rooms Clean - Part 1 [VIDEO]


Living in campus means that students get to learn necessary "adulting" skills. This includes cleaning up after themselves and maintaining a tidy dorm room.

One of the bad habits that students should break this year is to clean up after themselves. This includes washing the dishes instead of putting it off and having more dishes to wash afterwards.

Her Campus shared practical tips on how students can keep their dorm rooms clean. Students can take a look at these steps and see what works for them.

Make a schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule can help students get to the habit of cleaning their rooms regularly. For roommates, they can rotate on the different parts of the room especially if there's a bathroom. Sunday is probably the best day for students to clean their rooms. A weekly schedule is enough to keep their rooms clean without having too much stuff to clean up.

Invest in cleaning tools

Students can also buy a vacuum and other tools to make cleaning a breeze. They can also ask their RA if the dorm can let them borrow these tools. Vacuum bags need to be changed every two months or so. Basic cleaning tools that every student should invest in are sponges, towels, brooms, dustpans and mops, among others.

Take advantage of the closet

Making a habit of putting clothes away neatly can help students minimize the things that they need to clean up. It's as easy as hanging a shirt back up in their closets or putting it back in its drawer instead of throwing it on their beds.

Location, location, location

Being strategic about where they place their trashcans and clothes hampers is another way for students to make cleaning easier on their part. By making these tools accessible, students are saving themselves the effort.

Buy a duster

Dust has a way of getting inside rooms even when all the windows and doors are closed. Another alternative for dusters are wipes. Students would need a duster or wipes the most when they come back from a break.

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