Campus Life: Practical Tips On Keeping Student Dorm Rooms Clean - Part 2 [VIDEO]


One important habit that students should develop is to learn how to keep their dorm rooms clean. This is a good habit that they can bring with them when they become young professionals.

Students should already be able to clean up after themselves as they live independently from their parents. Her Campus shared practical tips on how students can keep their dorm rooms clean. The first part of the list can be found here.


Students should learn to let go of things that they do not need. The more things that they have, they would find it more challenging to clean their rooms. Just keep the important stuff. Plus, learning to declutter would provide them with more space. According to Good Housekeeping, a Princeton University study found that individuals living with a cluttered home experienced higher levels of exhaustion.

Boost the bed

Bed raisers can not only make it feel more luxurious, it can also give students more room for storage. This is especially helpful for students who have a small dorm room or those who have to share it with others.

Make the bed

Aside from raising the bed, students should also make their beds. This is a good habit to develop. It will not only wake one up with the small exercise, it will also make their rooms look cleaner and more neat instantaneously.

Invest in some bins

Students may not think that bins, containers and baskets are important but they are. These are lifesavers especially during Parents Weekend when they need to clean up their rooms really quick. There are plenty of containers under $25 available on Target and Amazon.

Use air fresheners

There will be times when students won't have the time to clean their rooms and wash their clothes or sheets. There are air fresheners that they can buy like Febreze or Glade plug-ins for those dorms that do not allow for matches or candles.

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