Campus Life: Behaviors That Can Drain Students' Emotional Energy [VIDEO]


Being in campus and coming to contact with many people can not only drain students' physical energy but their emotional energy as well. There are ways to recharge and recuperate but there are some things that students are doing that can totally drain them emotionally.

Emotional energy is part of one's mental health. Thus, it should be replenished and not abused. The Tribune described it as one of the resources used to run the psychological components in life.

The publication shared five unnecessary behaviors that can drain one's emotional energy. It's good for students to be aware of these behaviors so that they can avoid them.

Holding a grudge

Holding a grudge against someone can sap students' emotional energy. It's because this is anger that has been pent up for long periods of time. This can even develop into a habit that needlessly uses up one's energy. Students should be aware of when they are starting to catch a grudge, take a deep breath and learn to let it go.


This happens when students overthink about the future and dwell on the negative things that may or may not happen. It leaves people powerless and afraid. While a new study has found that worrying has an upside, it's good for students to learn to enjoy the moment and stay away from other worriers.

Focusing on the problem of others

It's okay to be a friend and listen to the problems of one's classmates. However, what's unhealthy is poking one's nose in things that aren't one's business. Students need to learn the skill of waiting for their friends to be the ones to solicit their advice.

Putting off decisions

Putting off decisions can drain one's emotional energy because decision-making requires it. The more students prolong making decisions, the more energy they use up. They should give themselves a deadline in making decisions and not overthink the consequences.


Overreacting drains students' emotional energy because it heightens urgency and drama. Oftentimes, this interferes with the things that one should do. Students should learn to stay clam and steer clear of inflammatory language.

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