Campus Life: How To Survive Being Sick In College [Video]


Living on campus allows students to become independent. One of the major challenges to this, though, is when they become sick. Being in contact with a lot of people in campus is beneficial for students' mental health but it can sometimes pose a risk for their physical well-being. This is especially damaging when there is an outbreak in school.

So, what can students do to survive being sick in college? Stanford University's Julie Plummer shared tips on how students can cope with the inevitable.

Sip on some tea

Drinking tea is relaxing and can help boost one's immune system. According to Times Union, green tea can destroy pathogen bacteria in the body while teas made from lemongrass, ginger, lemon balm, sage or lemon verbena can serve as antiviral sore-throat soothers.

Be with a friend

Students can ask their roommates or friends to keep them company while they watch or read something that can keep their minds off their sickness. Just make sure to be hygienic so that one's roommate or friend will not catch the illness.

Get moving

During the first few days of a sickness, it's better to stay in bed and recuperate. However, once students start feeling better, it's good to get up and about. Exercising has also been proven to improve one's mental health.

Call family and friends

Nothing feels better than being able to call home. Talking to family and friends back home can help students feel better and connected. They can even get tips from their moms on home remedies for colds, coughs and the flu.


Students should give their bodies time to recuperate. The body can do that through sleeping and getting lots of it.

Make future plans

Students should have something to look forward to. This can help them a lot as they recuperate since it provides them with something tangible in the near future.

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