Campus Life: Mental Health Tips For College Students [Video]


College is an exciting time to learn plenty of new things in terms of academics and even about one's self. However, because there are a lot of changes that come with this transition, it may also become a time of emotional instability which has the potential to lead to serious psychological consequences.

Depression is one of the major mental health issues that affect a lot of college students today. Another is having feelings of hopelessness, which universities and colleges struggle to address.

Mental health awareness is important for students and staff in campuses. Higher education institutions should already start working toward improving services and support to help the campus community.

However, students can also find things that they can do themselves to keep their mental states healthy. The Tribune shared six tips on how students can maintain their mental health.

Find a support group

Students can make their own support group consisting of their close friends or actively seek out an organization that can help them as they navigate through campus life. Maintaining contact with their family and getting to know their professors can also help students feel more connected in the school.

Get moving

Exercise not only does wonders for one's physical health -- it can also help improve one's mental health. This is because being active facilitates the brain's release of happy hormone serotonin, which regulates one's mood, prevents depression and makes one feel elated.

Eat right

Eating the right kinds of food can help students maintain their mental health. They should consume food that make them healthy, more fruits and vegetables and less junk food. There are a lot of healthy meals that can be made in the dorm room.


Sleep is the time when the body rejuvenates itself. College students are notorious for staying up late and waking up early for class but sleep should be a priority. Time management can help students balance their study times and sleeping times.

Say no to substance or drugs

Binge-drinking has also become a problem for students with all the parties that they attend while in college. It's easy to overdo but staying healthy requires the discipline to say no to drugs and alcohol.

Seek a professional

There are people who can help. Universities and colleges may be struggling in addressing students' mental health issues but they also provide services that can help them.

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