‘Call Of Duty: WW2’ Site Unveiled With Mystery Info; KontrolFreek Launches New Product [VIDEO]

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After the great reveal of "Call of Duty: WW2," Activision and Sledgehammer have revealed its teaser website for its fans. The site now has tons of mystery puzzles to solve that will reward their fans with teaser information if they solve them.

"Call Of Duty: WW2" Teaser Site Has Mysterious Puzzles

Sledgehammer has created these "Call of Duty: WW2" puzzles and inserted them in the teaser site so that fans could have fun figuring them out behind an ARG. It was recently revealed that a teaser image of the Nazi Zombies that shows a rotting undead German soldier with a military helmet. When the image was brightened, on the inside rim of the zombie's helmet was some letters, which were IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA, a fan posted on the official website of Reddit.

"Call Of Duty: WW2" Teaser Site Reveals Mysterious Phrase

Fans had to enter these letters on the virtual typewriter provided by the teaser site, the three lights go green, and a message is revealed. "A New Horror Rises" was the message and three images appear, which were a document folder with signatures, letters and numbers on the side of it, a worn picture of the Holy Roman Emperor and King Burgundy and Germany, Frederick Barbarossa, and the picture of the Portrait of a Young Man made by the famous Raphael.

"Call Of Duty: WW2" Character Info Revealed

The "Call of Duty: WW2" teaser site was also decoded through website scripts by other fans who know about it, and they discovered some vital information about the playable characters in the game. There will be three characters playable in the game, which will be two members of the 1st Infantry, and a female member of the French resistance. Their names are Major Edgar Crowley, Private Ronald "Red" Daniels, and Rosseau, VG247 reported.

 "Call Of Duty: WW2" Themed Thumbstick Set Revealed

In other "Call of Duty" related news, KontrolFreek, creators of high-quality thumbsticks, has announced recently that they will be distributing the "Call of Duty: Heritage Edition" Performance Thumbstick set soon. This was designed in collaboration with Activision to tie-in with the release of "Call of Duty: WW2." This will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at their official website, and through select global retailers, Yahoo Finance reported.

Check out the Official "Call of Duty: WWII" Reveal Livestream video below:

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