Surface Pro 5 Might Be Released Sooner At WWDC 2017 To Save Microsoft From Profit Woes [VIDEO]


Surface Pro 5 release date can be moved earlier than expected. Microsoft has able to avoid queries regarding the laptop/tablet hybrid but the case is different now. The company is on the verge of great need after its quarterly sales report has shown an awful 26 percent drop in Surface revenue.

There are several reasons why the revenue declined in their Surface devices. First on the list is the expensive pricing the latest Surface Pro has. The device sounded enticing in terms of capacity and features, however, the target market cannot afford the laptop hybrid.

This is the main reason why Microsoft Surface Pro sales became lower compared to the expected unit volume produced. The devices' appeal was not able to save itself from a low sale turn out, CNBC reported.

Secondly, the diminishing value of Surface Pro 4 may have taken a toll in the sales compensation of the device. Microsoft has launched the current model back in 2015. Although it is considerably a short time, the tech world does not rely on real-time. Developments and upgrades move faster than anything else.

Simply put, technology for devices and gadgets requires continuous updating, hardware- and software-wise. That is why Surface Pro 5 is very timely since it is reportedly packed with enhanced and sleeker design powered by Intel's seventh generation chipset.

For example, consumers who previously planned to buy Surface Pro today opted for a much newer alternative with thinner and lighter components being offered by other top competitors like HP, Dell and Samsung.

Moreover, Microsoft has an upcoming hardware event this May. The lineup does not include the launch of Surface Pro 5 but is alert for its possible release in case Microsoft realizes what the company needs. Additionally, it can also take center stage at Worldwide Developers Conference this June 2016, Science Times reported.

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