PlayStation5 Will Be The ‘King Of Next Gen Consoles’ Not Xbox Project Scorpio: Hints E3 Release Date [REPORT]


Two thousand seventeen (2017) marks the arrival of next generation consoles that will redefine the gaming landscape. Headlining the first wave of this devices is Xbox Scorpio which has already made its public announcement. However, Microsoft's anticipated success may be short-lived as Sony paves way for the upcoming PlayStation5 (PS5).

The latest addition to the PlayStation console family is reportedly taking the console battle to the next level. Despite the lack of confirmation from Sony, tech insiders and gaming enthusiast predicts that PS5 would be disclosed during the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 14-16 in Los Angeles, CA, TechRadar reported.

In addition, this next-generation console PlayStation5 is expected to open the doors for photorealism. Developer Jakub Mikyska noted that with its brand new technology supported by more powerful hardware, the brand of gaming PS5 will bring to the table brings gaming closer to photorealism, GamingBolt added.

Mikyska added that every console development is always moving closer especially now with PS5. She recalled that photorealism has been expected to happen during the 360 generation which apparently failed to commence.

Another next level spec that may arrive alongside photorealism is the 8K resolution for game graphics since 4K becomes a staple for new consoles. Sony could have possibly cracked a way for this feature but remains silent since Xbox Scorpio has not been out in the open yet.

Also, PlayStation5 will most probably take on the VR effect. Considering how PlayStation VR fared with PlayStation4 Pro, Sony's next-generation console might take VR to a new level especially now that contents start to come out in this form.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Scorpio is expected to be unveiled during Microsoft's "Learn what's next" Hardware Event in New York happening on May 2. From then, Sony might start giving away bits of information about the PS5.

For now, we can only hope that PlayStation5/PS5 could actually match up with fans' expectations.


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