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Georgia Tech Student Invents MacBook Pro Touch Bar Disabler App [VIDEO]


There is a new app that basically renders MacBook Pro touch bar and it is incredibly legit making the upsetting feature completely useless. The app's invention follows that massive complaints received by the current MacBook Pro users who complain about its prizes feature to be disappointing and completely irrelevant.

Although not everyone is unhappy, the anti-MacBook Pro touch bar app came to life and is called TouchBarDisabler. The app is invented by Kay Yin, a computer science student from Georgia Tech. In addition, it also works magic on Touch Bar Simulator for Mac, or alternatively, in Xcode's virtual Touch Bar, Venture Beats reported.

Meanwhile, MacBook Pro 2017 is reportedly dropping a 32GB RAM edition that will provide high computing capabilities to Apple next laptop bandwagon. However, the hype is cut short by a report claiming that the said MacBook Pro tier may not arrive this year and the huge RAM is an unlikely feature for a laptop.

According to Phil Schiller, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing, having such a large RAM is not essential for the laptop device. This remarks subtly confirms that the highly anticipated 32GB RAM MacBook Pro is not coming anytime soon, Telegiz reported.

In addition, those who are excited for MacBook Pro 2017 should wait further for the release of Intel Cannonlake processors. This particular hardware is an essential component in order for Apple to add up RAM bytes up to 32GB.

The famed KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that Intel Cannonlake will offer LPDDR 4 RAM which uses less power. Thus, the hardware limitation implies that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2017 will sport 16GB RAM only instead of the previously reported 32GB RAM.

In case the Cannonlake SoC beat its deadline, only then, MacBook Pro could either be released between September and October 2017 or in the first quarter of 2018. By then, the truth behind the much hyped 32GB MacBook edition will be confirmed.

For now, let us wait for Apple's further announcement about MacBook Pro 2017.


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