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Sony Ships 60 Million PS4 Units Worldwide; ‘Dragon Quest XI’ Special Edition PS4 Revealed [VIDEO]


Sony is happy to report that the PlayStation 4 has already surpassed its March figure, which was 57.1 million. The latest console system from the game console manufacturer is now getting more shipped units than ever.

60 Million PS4 Units Shipped Worldwide

Sony has recently revealed their earnings report for the fiscal fourth quarter and full year, which ended on March 31. They announced that they have shipped 2.9 million PS4 units in the past three months. For the full fiscal year, they have shipped 20 million PS4 units, which was an increase from 17.7 million units before the fiscal year, according to their official website.

Sony has now shipped 60 million PS4 consoles around the world with 2.9 million units shipped in the last quarter. This was an improvement from the 57.1 million figure, which was announced just recently. They also revealed their forecast for the latest figure by the end of the fiscal year, Gamespot reported.

Sony Forecasts Dip In PS4 Shipments, More Work To Catch Up To

The game console manufacturer revealed that they have forecasted PS4 shipments to amount to 18 million units for the current fiscal year, which would be lower from the fiscal year that just ended. The current console, PS4, still has a lot of work to do to catch up the PlayStation 3 sales, which was more than 80 million units.

Sony Revenue Jumps Due Game Sales

Sony also revealed their actual financials, which was a revenue jump of 6.3 percent year-over-year to $14.73 billion. The reason was due to the spike in PS4 game sales, together with the hardware sales that also rose year-over year.

Japan Gets "Dragon Quest XI" Special Edition PS4

In other PS4 related news, Japan will be getting a "Dragon Quest XI" Special Edition PS4 on July 29. The exclusive console will cost more or less $350, have a blue color, a special box, a matching DualShock 4 controller, a copy of the game, and a gold Slime USB cover, IGN reported.

Check out the "Dragon Quest XI" Special Edition PS4 Trailer video below:

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