PS4 Cockroach Issue Explanation Quite Interesting, Educational For Console Owners [VIDEO]

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The PS4 cockroach problem was actually happening quite frequently, according to some independent console repairmen. The explanation for why it is happening was quite interesting, and has an easy prevention fix.

PS4 Cockroach Infestation Happening Frequently

According to some independent console repairmen, the PS4 cockroach problem has been happening for a while now. Many console owners have been turning in their supposed-to-be broken consoles to be fixed because they did not know that it was actually infested with these nasty bugs. One repairman actually had bags of roaches heaped up in a corner of the room, which came from infested PS4s, Kotaku reported.

PS4 Cockroach Infestation Explained By Repairmen

The reason for the PS4's to be infested with cockroaches was quite simple. Most PS4 owners would store their console systems in dark or enclosed areas, which is quite welcoming for the nasty bugs. Cities that are dark and warm have a big risk of hosting these bugs in the console.

Another factor for the cockroach infestation in the PS4 was its design. It has ventilation grates that are wider, which were easier to invade and lay eggs inside. The power supply is also inside the PS4, which can make it easily warm, and can lure the bugs inside.

PS4 Cockroach Prevention Easy To do

A console repairman revealed a tip so that the PS4 cockroach invasion can be avoided. He said that it is best for the console system to be put on display on top of a table where there is more airflow. PS4 owners are also advised to have regular maintenance on their console system, he told CNBC in an exclusive interview.

PS4 Slim To Get Upgraded 1 TB Hard Drive In North America

In other PS4 related news, the slim version of the console system will now feature a 1 TB hard drive in North America, which was only available in Asia and Japan previously. It will be released in local US retail stores this April, and it will have a price tag of $299.99. This will be a permanent upgrade, which means that it will be the standard storage size moving forward in the US and Canada, a Sony representative told Polygon in an exclusive interview.

Check out the Glacier White PS4 video below:

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