PlayStation 4 Pro Vs. Microsoft Project Scorpio Speed Comparison Revealed [VIDEO]

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With the release of the unbelievable specifications of Xbox Project Scorpio, many fans from both camps have given their own comparisons with the PlayStation 4 Pro on several forums. Due to its release, fans just want to know which one is faster than the other.

PS4 Pro Vs. Project Scorpio: Raw Graphics Horsepower

In the recent reveal of Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio specs, they revealed that it has six teraflops in terms of graphics horsepower. The PS4 Pro on the other hand only has 4.12 teraflops, which is clearly lower than the new contender to the console market. The game console manufacturer however did not opt for the Ryzen-based CPU, instead they got the upgraded AMD Jaguar cores, Forbes reported.

PS4 Pro Vs. Project Scorpio: True 4K Gaming

The PS4 Pro will only allow 5GB of RAM for games, which is the same with the Xbox One. The Xbox Project Scorpio on the other hand will allow 8GB of RAM for them, which will allow it to render the dashboard at native 4K. "Forza 6" was tested on Project Scorpio and it was hitting 4K at 60 frames per second effortlessly, Eurogamer reported.

PS4 Pro Vs. Project Scorpio: Cooling System

While the PS4 Pro can manage to cool down their processor with their regular fans and exhaust vents, the Xbox Project Scorpio processor gets hot easily due to its size. Microsoft installed a vapor chamber cooling assembly, which is similar in design to the high end coolers used on GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti graphics cards. The heat will be pushed out the back of the machine with the help of a large centrifugal fan since it has no vents on top of it.

PS4 Pro Vs. Project Scorpio: Results

In terms of hardware, processing, graphics power, and design, the Xbox Project Scorpio is the clear winner in this comparison. It tops all in every specifications it has been compared to against the PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Fans React To New Console Releae

After the release of Xbox Project Scorpio, several PS4 Pro fans reacted to its higher specifications compared to the Sony's latest console. Some were happy that the competition is healthy between Sony and Microsoft, and they are hoping that Sony will be developing a new version that can compare to the latest one. Another fan wished that the PS4 Pro had a 4K Blu Ray player since it only has a regular one, he said on the official website of Reddit.

Check out the official Xbox Project Scorpio video below:

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