Ubisoft Goes Wild With The New 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' PC Update, PS Store's Discounted Games & MSI Bundles [VIDEO]


Ubisoft's newly released open world tactical shooter "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is getting some big update this week. Ubisoft made the huge announcement this week.

On the game publisher's official Ghost Recon Twitter account, the game publisher has posted a message, announcing a major update for the newly released "Ghost Recon Wildlands." Additionally, Ubisoft has also attached a link to the tweeted message, providing additional information for the players.

As mentioned in the Ubisoft Forum, the Rennes, France-based game publisher is releasing the new PC update 3.5 this week, April 27. The game publisher announced that there will be no server maintenance required for the upcoming PC update, which means that "Ghost Recon Wildlands" players will now be able to download the patch and resume their gaming session after restarting the game. The game's upcoming update will have the file size around 4.5 to 6.5 GB, depending on the PC client, according to Ubisoft Community Manager.

Ubisoft has already released the "Ghost Recon Wildlands" Narco Road DLC last week. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has missed one big feature that fans have been waiting since the release of the game. The newly released Narco Road DLC does not add the new "Ghost Recon Wildlands" PvP mode.

However, Ubisoft is making a big promise to the fans that the much-awaited PvP mode will be included in a free update for all "Ghost Recon Wildlands" owners post-launch. The goal is to offer tactical class-based 4v4 team combat that will put players' skills to the test, according to The Express.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Store is reportedly hosting a sale specifically on Tom Clancy games. The massively discounted sale covers a number of games, including the much-talked "Ghost Recon Wildlands."

Overall, the Tom Clancy sale is bringing discounts to 26 items, including the Ghost Recon Wildlands." These are the discounted pricing: 'Ghost Recon Wildlands" $59.99 (discounted price: $50.99), "Ghost Recon Wildlands" Deluxe Edition $69.99 (discounted price: $58.09), and "Ghost Recon Wildlands" Gold Edition $99.99 (discounted price: $79.99). For the full details, check out the PlayStation Store.

In other gaming-related new, MSI teaming up with Ubisoft to bundle its open world tactical shooter game "Ghost Recon Wildlands." Gamers who buys a selected MSI X99/H270/Z270 gaming motherboard or gaming desktop will automatically receive a free "Ghost Recon Wildlands" Deluxe Edition PC game key, courtesy of the fine folks at Ubisoft.

Bundled with MSI gaming motherboards and desktops, MSI wants to ensure that gamers will get the absolute satisfaction of the hardware's cutting-edge performance along with the game's smooth gameplay. MSI components are carefully selected and tweaked to get the gamers the best gaming experience.

In addition to the hardware's breathtaking design, the MSI gaming desktops also featured an exclusive and powerful cooling system, which the company called Silent Storm Cooling. This cooling system will ensure that the hardware's temperature stays under normal condition.

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