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'Overwatch' Players No Longer Need Blizzard's 'Heroes Of The Storm' To Get The Genji & Officer D.Va Skins [VIDEO}


Blizzard is making some big news for "Overwatch: fans who want to taste those coveted Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins but has no plans to play Blizzard's new action strategy game "Heroes of the Storm." Blizzard Game director Jeff Kaplan this week announced that those much-requested skins will be arriving at "Overwatch" game.

Kaplan made the big announcement on the game's official forums. In the forum, Kaplan tried to make some good response to an "Overwatch" fan who lamented that they found it "extremely frustrating" that certain skins still require playing a separate PC game, the "Heroes of the Storm," the Polygon reported.

Also in the forum, Kaplan also said that it completely understand that there are some players who do not want to play Blizzard's new game. He also added that Blizzard plans to add both the Oni Genji skin and the Officer D.Va skin to the normal, base "Overwatch" as a loot box rewards at some point in the future.

Meanwhile, Blizzard, this week announced the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event as part of the company's revamped of "Heroes of the Storm." This four-week-long event is part of Blizzard's larger push for Heroes of the Storm 2.0, an overhaul of the action strategy game that coincides with the official release of a new "Overwatch" hero Genji.

Additionally, the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event will also give "Overwatch" players another chance to secure the Oni Genji skin, which was only available during the first Nexus Challenge in Heroes of the Storm back in November. However, players will need to play at least five games per week with a friend in a quick match to secure some exclusive loot and finally, to unlock "Overwatch"-themed cosmetics in "Heroes of the Storm."

In other Blizzard-related news, Blizzard is reportedly working on three new maps. Blizzard is planning to release three new standard maps on PS4, Xbox One and PC this year. Additionally, Blizzard is also working on three non-standard maps, according to The Express.

In a recent interview with the UK-based The Express Online, game director Kaplan said that Blizzard won't be releasing the new features until they're satisfied with the results and it's completely ready for the wild.

Blizzard's cross-franchise action strategy game "Heroes of the Storm" is currently available on PC and Mac.

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