How Students Can Afford College Education Without Scholarships [Video]


To pursue college education to earn a degree is never easy, considering the increasing costs of tuition in almost all of the US colleges and universities. And while there are ways for students to pay for college without taking student loan through grants and scholarships, there are also ways for students to pursue their dreams of finishing college even without scholarships.

There are ways to bring down the cost of college to its sticker price. According to College Board, even if private schools have a sticker price of roughly $45,000 for a year, the actual amount that average students actually pay for is only $26,000. The same thing is true for public colleges.

This only goes to show that there are a plethora of ways by which students can afford college education and tackle the cost even without a scholarship. Here are some of those ways according to CNN Money.


Students can take advantage of grants that are given away by federal government, colleges and states. And these are something that do not need to be repaid. Most of the time, these grants are awarded based on the student's financial needs which is determined by the income they receive as a family.

Asking college for financial assistance

Students have the option to haggle over financial aids and even experts would suggest that they write a formal letter and follow up with a phone call. It is worth a try because you can better explain why you are a good fit for the school and explain your financial situation.

Work-study jobs

Work-study jobs are available for eligible students. These are part time jobs that they can on campus or nearby campus, but they need to submit FAFSA to be able to qualify. Students get to receive their pay once a month, but if they do not qualify, there are also other part time jobs they can try.

Students can even go for some online offer or Argos student discounts in order to save more while buying anything online. 

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