College Stress: Why It’s Important for Students to Relax and ‘Chill Out’ [Video]


With the end of the spring breaks comes the finals where college students across the country are taking a deep breath as they try to face final exams and papers, theses and everything else. It is crunch time and stressful time for most of the students, but this is also a time when they need to stay calm and healthy.

While there are many things that college students are worried about, it is not just the senior graduating students who are feeling the stress and pressure, according to Kota TV. All students are actually going through a lot of stress during this time, and that is why counselors advise students to keep a tab on their health and get better sleep to reduce anxiety levels. It is alarming if students already begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious and depressed.

It is important to address these issues among college students because it is detrimental to their overall health. According to Learn Psychology 80 percent of college students reported that they often feel stressed and 10 percent have thought of committing suicide. And then, 13 percent have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

So even before something worse happens, it is better for college students to follow these steps to keep their mental and physical health intact.

Using counselling services

Having a counselling office is not enough. It is making sure that help is available to students when they need it because there aren't really a lot of people who can stand as reliable sources of mental and emotional support.


It is never wrong to socialize. The only important thing to remember is that it should not in any way have a negative impact to a student's academics. It is important for students to have friends they can talk to anytime.

Get enough sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be emphasized any further, especially for people who have been going through a lot of stress. Sleep can be one great cure.

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