Apple’s Biggest Sacrifices: MacBook Air’s Inevitable End, iPad Air 2 Replacing 4th Gen iPad [REPORT]


MacBook Air and iPad 4 are notably being sold with chunkier discounts in almost all retail stores. Many Apple fans have been observing this scenario. Thus, the some are starting to question what Apple is really trying to imply. Are these the company's early indication that such devices are about to end?

By the start of April, MacBook Air 13-inch price made a surprising cut down to $799. This price mark down coincides with the speculations that Apple is planning to end the MacBook Air in order to focus their attention to the upcoming MacBook Pro 2017, LaptopMag reported.

Best Buy's discount grant for the MacBook Air 13-inch promo offers 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. The price is $200 from the Apple Store pricing. It has also beat March's record by $60.

According to NYMag, the upcoming Mac Pro is set to replace MacBook Air. This is also considered a reason why MacBook Air has previously been getting the biggest price discounts. Apple aggressive strategy to sell off MacBook Air out of the shelf is quite notable which is also related in their attempt to shepherd laptop users to MacBook Pro.

On the other hand, another Apple product is on the verge of dying out and it is none other than the fourth generation iPad. This case, however, is partly different with the MacBook Air. iPad is getting sold out like hot cakes.

Although the intention is quite clear - to sell off iPad as much as possible since iPad Pro 2 is set to launch soon - buyers are quick to buy off the iPad 4 units. The treatment for the said device drags another iPad tier, iPad Air 2. Since the iPad 4 are almost sold out and some retailers still need units for replacement and prior orders, iPad Air 2 is being thrown as an exchange for the unit.

More likely, Apple really intends to phase out the MacBook Air and iPad 4 including the iPad Air 2 to welcome new devices.


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