‘Persona 5’ Launches 1.5 Million Copies Worldwide After Release Date [VIDEO]


Atlus was proud to announce on their official website that their latest video game, "Persona 5," has shipped 1.5 million copies worldwide after a few days of its launching. They wanted to personally thank their fans for purchasing their game and having faith in them.

"Persona 5" Shipped 1.5 Million Copies All Over The World

Atlus has recently announced that their popular JRPG video game, "Persona 5" has shipped over a million copies worldwide, after a few days its launch in North America and Europe. This is a big milestone for the game company and the game franchise since the release of its other games in the west. In Japan alone, the game reached 550,000 copies shipped last year, Polygon reported.

Atlus Thanked The Fans For Successful Launch

The game company thanked their western fans for purchasing their latest game, "Persona 5," and he appreciates their support. They revealed that their next development of the game series will be a promotion of a large live concert at Yokohama Arena in Japan, according to video game's official Japanese website.

"Persona 5" Shipment Figures Today Goes Beyond Prequel's Figures

The worldwide shipment count for "Persona 5" was impressive and ranks among the games that also shipped more than a million like "Final Fantasy XV." The game's prequel and remaster, "Persona 4 Golden" shipped more than 700,000 copies all over the world, and was the biggest title in the game franchise at that time.

"Persona 5" Fans Discuss Possible Female Protagonist DLC

In other "Persona 5" related news, fans of the video game discuss the possibility of having a DLC that will provide a female protagonist for the video game in the future. The idea came to them because the female protagonist option was first introduced in "Persona 3" on the PlayStation Portable. It would be a great idea, but that would be a large DLC due to the amount of data that needs to be changed to compliment with the story, a Reddit member posted on its official website.

Check out the "Persona 5" Launch Trailer video below:

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