Students And Staff From Grayson College Allowed To Carry Licensed Guns; List of Restricted Areas Released [Video]

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Students and staff of Grayson College will be allowed to bring licensed firearms in the campus starting August 1. The administration, though, specified areas or events when firearms would not be allowed.

Texas law did not allow students, faculty and staff of schools to bring firearms in the campus. However, a senate bill was passed in 2015 allowing people to carry licensed firearms in the campus. Parents, students and staff of Grayson College were consulted regarding the issue. Some students did not mind having people in school carrying firearms. Some were not in favor because they considered it not safe, KXII reported.

Grayson College specified that guns must be concealed when students and faculty and staff enter the campus. This means that the gun must not be visible. There were places specified were firearms are not allowed.

Guns would never be allowed in public meetings, athletic events, and interscholastic events and in polling places. Knowledge that firearms are not allowed in such areas would deter gun owners from carrying their firearms when attending those events.

The law about allowing students and staff to carry firearms in the campus did not just apply to Grayson College. Like at Grayson College, reactions regarding carrying of guns were mixed. Students at Dalton State College, for example, are mostly against allowing armed students and personnel in the campus. They think it is unsafe considering a student or personnel might be under stress and just fire his or her gun, the Dalton Daily Citizen reported.

One student of Dalton State College wrote a paper about the gun law. She concluded that having the populace armed would not make society safer than when people do not carry guns. Grayson College president believed that if students and staff know that school security is aware that they have guns, they might think twice before using it.

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