Community College Construction Project Gets $25 Million Bond Issue [Video]


The state community college system in Alabama was the recipient of a $25 million bond issue. The said funds will be used for the construction of several buildings in the campus.

New buildings in the Gadsden State Community College System will be constructed using the funds. These are the new science building at the East Broad Campus and the Cheaha Career Center at the Ayera Campus. The Allen Hall at the Wallace Drive Campus was renovated as well. This project was implemented in line with the strategic plan of the state community college which focused on institution, instruction and infrastructure, according to US News.

Apparently, the buildings that house the Gadsden State College System are already old. In fact, the Allen Hall is the oldest structure in the Wallace Drive Campus. There is a need to improve bathrooms, lighting, and temperature control systems.

It is expected that the new Allen Hall will be finished by March, 2018. Once finished, there will be 22 additional classrooms, laboratories and two spacious areas for student gatherings.

Browder Hall, which has been serving the college for five decades, will be replaced by the new science building. It will house a tornado shelter, offices, laboratories and more classrooms.

The construction and renovation of facilities cost money but they comprise the school environment, which affects learning. Old facilities may be easily penetrated by noise. Lighting and air quality might not be good. Classroom size and space need to be based on current standards. A growing school population would need more buildings to accommodate students, according to Penn State.

The Alabama State Community College System recognizes the importance to learning of safe, well-ventilated and student-friendly facilities. Renovating structures that are old is a must to deliver quality service to learners. All improvements are believed to bring more space for instruction and more efficient energy.

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