Harvard University Students Create Anti-Trump ‘Resistance School’


Harvard University just created a school to resist President Donald Trump, which they called the "Resistance School". This one is a free four-week course that is not officially a part of the college and will also not get anyone Ivy League credits.

The resistance school is a course created by students which aims to educate activists about resistance at the Kennedy School of Government, CBS News reported. And resistance is defined by them as "effectively fighting Trump's agenda".

According to the Daily Mail, the resistance school is a practical training program that will run for four weeks in order to enhance the tools students or activists need to fight back at the federal, state and local levels. Their goal is to keep the spirit of resistance alive through concrete learning, community engagement and forward-looking action. It is also open to anyone who is interested.

According to Shanoor Seervai, the concept of resistance school started with so many overwhelming emotions. She shared how it began with a number of students chatting with some professors about the things that are going to happen and what they are supposed to do after the election.

This course encourages more people to join and as of the moment, the class organizers said that there are already a total of 3,000 groups who represent 10,000 people who have registered. These groups are comprised of 700 people all in just a single group, while some others are smaller.

It looks like the course is gaining popularity as all four sessions are full. The classes will start April 5. It will feature historian and activist Timothy McCarthy, grassroots activist Sara El-Amine, grassroots activist Marshall Gantz, and former campaign aide to Obama and current New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake.

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