Bandai Namco & From Software Make Their Final Move, 'Dark Souls 3' Now Enters The Final Stage [VIDEO]


Bandai Namco and From Software finally made their last DLC salvo this week. The final DLC, "The Ringed City," is said to close the door on the Dark Souls game series. "Dark Souls 3" has finally entered the final stage, the end time.

The Ringed City: The Final Stage

According to Eurogamer, "The Ringed City" is the last burst of DLC update for the Dark Souls game series and its marked the final stage of the game. The previous DLC update "Ashes of Ariandel," according to GameSpot, felt light and aimless. Its snow-swept environment was confusing and pointing to nowhere. On the other hand, "The Ringed City" is impressive, with the newly added amazing features, new enemies, new items and more. This is "Dark Souls 3," at its finest.

The entrance to "The Ringed City" is quite amazing and spectacular, here Dark Souls players would find themselves descending into "The Ringed City" in search of the elusive dark soul of man, but this is just the start of the new adventure and more still to come. Players will need to explore settings that could take to the previous games, the GameSpot reported.

As mentioned repeatedly by various gaming websites, Dark Souls players should not make a rush into the new DLC unprepared. "The Ringed City" is no ordinary DLC, it surely the last, but it's the most brutal of all the Dark Souls games. The place was stuffed with some of the hardest hitting enemies around, something that could drag Dark Souls player to death.

Bandai Namco made its final big warning for all "Dark Souls 3" players. "The Ringed City" is not for everyone, and this is no ordinary game. This is "Dark Souls 3" at its extreme and darkest hours, so expect lots of scary things in this game.

However, it is still possible to play and engage the enemies in the new DLC at lower levels, bit's still not easy. Bandai Namco is making another warning here- players need to be at least at level 125, before entering "The Ringed City." The place is very dangerous, so players need to be well-prepared before making their first moves.

"The Ringed City" reveals lots of mystery and exciting stuff. Overall, it gives "Dark Souls 3" its one last great game, this is the final stage of the series so expect some really good games along the way. As for the Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco and developer From Software, "The Ringed City" would be their last big gift to all of their Dark Souls fans. The series has now come to an end.

From Software's Latest PS4 Pro Patch Doesn't Bring So Much Improvement

In other Dark Souls related news, developer From Software recently released patch 1.11 for Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro, but the latest update has not made much improvement to the game, according to SegmentNext.

From Software's newly released patch 1.11 has not made any significant changes to the frame rate of the game, and that the frame rate would remain at 40fps and reportedly stutters every time Dark Souls players make a move from one area to another.

Aside from the game's frame rate, From Software has also failed to address the issue on video resolution. Fans are still hoping that From Software would still make some update to address the performance issue, so that "Dark Souls 3" players will be able to get a smooth gaming experience even in the game's darkest hour and final stage.

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