Blizzard's Latest Update Is 'Diablo 3' Most Feature-Packed, Bringing A Number Of Big Changes On Board


Blizzard this week released a major update for its hack and slash game "Diablo 3." The studio has released patch 2.5.0 for Diablo 3 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The latest patch is to be the game's most feature-packed, bringing a number of big improvements and changes on board.

According to the UK-based The Express, the latest Patch 2.5.0 just arrives in time for the game's Season 10 which will start this coming March 31. To help with the Diablo players, Blizzard has posted a helpful guide for "Diablo 3" players, which include details about rewards, character leveling, and gear upgrades.

As for the newly released "Diablo 3" update, the new update features two main addition: the Armory, and the crafting material storage. The Armory will allow the player to store to five different builds per character, and the same time allowing them to easily swap between sets of skills, gems, gear and runes. On the other hand, crafting materials are actually one-stop storage for any of the crafting materials players have obtained. Any materials that the players already have will be sent here automatically, freeing up the player's inventory space. These features may sound like a relatively minor thing, but it's could be useful for those who like to mix up their gaming style with lots of stuff.

Additionally, there's also a new item addition called Primal Ancients that intended for "Diablo 3" players who finished their Season journey and managed to collect of the stuff needed for their build. According to Blizzard, Primal Ancient are very items that are guaranteed to come with Ancient-level stats and a maximum number of sockets. They can only be found after players reached Greater Rift 70 solo with one of the characters on the player's account. Fortunately, these items are also made available to regular characters gaining Paragon level, Blizzard said.

in addition to the Primal Ancients, the latest patch also includes some changes to Adventure Mode, some important tweaks to the Quality of Life and more. Most importantly, the new Patch 2.5.0 will bring Seasons to game consoles, though the first console Season won't start until March 31. For more about the latest patch, check out "Diablo 3" full patch notes on

As for the much-awaited Rise of the Necromancer DLC, there still no official words on the exact release date, Blizzard is reportedly working on the release date. Stay tuned folks for more updates.

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