Bungie Still Got One Last Big Question To Answer Before 'Age of Triumph': The PC Version Of 'Destiny 2'

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Bungie's first-person shooter game Destiny may have experienced some rough ride this year, but the popular space adventure game eventually ended up living up to the promise. The much-talked sequel, "Destiny 2" is finally coming this year. Destiny fans now can assure that they will have a new game to play this coming September. But Bungie still needs to answer this one big question before heading to "Age of Triumph," the game's final DLC expansion and Bungie's last big gift for Destiny fans.

According to the gaming-focused website GamingBolt, there is another big leak from Bungie, but this time it's all about the PC version of the game. A Twitter user named @SenSnowy has just shared on Twitter an image of a video game sale receipt of sale for a pre-order for a Limited Edition of "Destiny 2" PC version.

The video game receipt from a GameStop Germany branch may suggest that "Destiny 2" may be coming to PC as well, and that the Destiny fans can now pre-order "Destiny 2" for the PC. The sale video game receipt also indicates a release date for the sequel, which is September. 17, 2017. Additionally, there's also the price tag, which reads as €110 or roughly about $120 (when translated to US dollars).

Game Rant reported earlier that the postcode and contact information in the video game receipt matches the Hannover GameStop branch. However, it should be noted that Bungie or GameStop have yet to release the official statement about this incident, confirming the existing of the PC version of "Destiny 2."

Meanwhile, a Reddit user named ATypicalFruit has recently posted a message on Reddit forum, suggesting that he found an Xbox One poster of the game which confirms a beta of "Destiny 2." The news further heats up the rumors that first started on Twitter.

As for the upcoming "Destiny 2, the sequel is said to receive a full reset, which means that all Destiny players from all gaming platforms (Xbox One and PS4) will have to build their own characters. According to Bungie, the full reset will have some positive impact, it will give Destiny players the opportunity to check which gaming platform suits their gaming style.

"Destiny 2" will be featuring a whole new game with new classes and a story separate from the original Destiny game. Some have already speculated that the new title may take place on the planet Mars or tackle the story of the much-talked Taken King. For those still new and unfamiliar with the Taken King, the Taken King, which pertains to the Oryx, is also the title of the third Destiny expansion.

Bungie's first-person shooter game Destiny was first introduced in September 2014 on PS3 and Xbox 360. In 2016, Bungie released Xbox One and the PS4 version of the game. This month, Bungie is readying something big. The roll out of the latest and the final update, "Age of Triumph," before its transition to "Destiny 2."

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