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‘Mafia III’ Free Demo Now Available For Download; First Expansion Released [VIDEO]


Game developer Hangar 13 and publisher 2K have announced the free demo of "Mafia III" for all available platforms. The first expansion of the video game has also been released.

Free game demo

The game developer announced on the official website of "Mafia III" that the free game demo is now available for download. It will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will include the opening act of the game, which was the bank heist sequence.

Players will be able to do anything in this demo and there is no time limit on it, but it will end once they go on a certain part of it. The save progress will also be saved with this demo, which will carry over to the proper game. For the PC, it will be 24GB, the PS4 will be 27GB, and the Xbox One will be 25GB for download size.

Faster, Baby! DLC now out

2K also released recently the first expansion DLC for "Mafia III," which is called Faster, Baby! According to another post on the official website of the game, it will add numerous game enhancements, gear, and new vehicles. It will also add a new story to play, which is set in a small town called Sinclair Parish.

Sinclair Parish

Sinclair Parish in this video game is a small rural township in the countryside with lots of opportunities for getaways from the police. Players will be able to enjoy some Hollywood-caliber car chases, which will be enhanced with the new additions like the ability to activate slow motion. It is a new way to go through tight corners, and narrow gaps while evading the chase.

New car combat mechanics

The new expansion DLC will introduce some new combat mechanics, which is perfectly suited for causing destruction while moving around. Players will be able to access some proximity mines that they can lay out on the backroads or in enemy encampments. They can also toss grenades from their cars while enemies are chasing for them.

Price and access

"Mafia III's" first expansion DLC is available as part of the Season Pass or through purchase for $14.99 only. To access it, it will not matter if players were able to finish the base game, but they will need to be at least on Act Two.

Check out the "Mafia III" Free Demo Trailer video below: 

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