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‘Dragon Quest XI’ PS4, 3DS Difference Detailed; Two New Characters Revealed [VIDEO]


Square Enix revealed the differences between the PlayStation 4 and the 3DS versions of "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time." They have also added two new characters to the game's roster.

PS4 version

According to the official website of "Dragon Quest XI," the PS4 version will have a free motion battle mode. This will allow players to move freely around the battlefield, and they can also make good strategies for making sneak attacks against enemies. Those who will opt for the automatic camera battle mode will allow them to view the fight in a more cinematic perspective.

In all modes of the PS4, the battle system will be turn based. All of the encounters will start once they come into contact with the enemies. For those who will attack first, they will gain the advantage in battle, and sometimes they can even find the enemies sleeping.

3DS version

While the 3DS version has the same title with the PS4 version, it has big differences. This version has two modes as well, which are the 3D and 2D modes. The 3D mode allows players to view all of the party members on the field, while the 2D mode is similar to the old games of the "Dragon Quest" franchise, which only shows the monster with a retro pixel art look.

The battles also depend on the mode that the players chose to play in. In 3D mode, they will start battles by coming into contact with the enemies, and they can also attack first. In 2D mode, there will be random encounters instead, which is similar to the old games in the past.

Two new characters

In another post on the official website of "Dragon Quest XI," Square Enix also revealed two new characters, which will be added to the current roster. The two new characters are the martial artist Martina, and the mysterious merchant Rou.

Game launching

The video game will be released in Japan this year for the PS4 and the 3DS, and it is rumored that it will have a Nintendo Switch version sometime in the future. The specific release date will be announced during a livestream next month.

Check out the "Dragon Quest XI" Opening Cinematic Movie below:

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