‘Valkyria Revolution’ Finally Gets Western Release Date With Limited Edition Reveal [VIDEO]

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SEGA finally reveals the western release date of "Valkryia Revolution" with the details of its Limited Edition. The official description of the video game was also shown to the public.

Western release date

After the release date of "Valkyria Revolution" in Japan, it finally gets its western version in the next few months. SEGA announced on the official blog of PlayStation that the video game will be released on June 27 in North America, and June 30 in Europe. It will have physical and digital versions for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, but it will only have the digital version on the PlayStation Vita.

Limited Edition

"Valkyria Revolution" will also get the Vanargand Edition for both the PS4 and the Xbox One versions. According to the official website of the video game, it will come with a Sondtrack CD that includes 12 songs composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. It will also come with a 1.5 inch pin that portrays the emblem of the Vanargand anti-valkyria unit.

For consumers who have already pre-ordered the video game before the Limited Edition announcement, they can upgrade their copies to it with no additional cost. Those who have already pre-ordered the limited number of launch copies will also get this version as well.

Official game description

SEGA also released the official description of "Valkyria Revolution," which told a bit of its story. In the wake of a revolution, the Jutland's elite soldiers called the Vanargand must band together to defeat the Ruzi Empire and stop the Valkyria. This elite unit is composed of soldiers who have a high affinity for ragnite, and they are joined by Jutland's own Princess Ophelia for the revolution.


The video game will feature a Valkyria called Brunhilde, but she will be on the side of the enemy this time around. Players will get to try out a brand new battle system that will mix real-time combat and tactical strategy, which is the opposite of the previous games in the franchise. They can also upgrade their weapons through branching customization paths with the power of the ragnite.

"Valkyria Revolution" will have a refined look due to the new GOUACHE rendering engine, which gives it a unique canvas texture. It will also feature a vibrant and dramatic soundtrack made by composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Check out the teaser trailer for "Valkyria Revolution" down below:

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