Funcom Guarantees 'Conan Exiles' Players Won't Get Hurt By The Server Reset, Character Level Intact


Fans of the upcoming open world survival game "Conan Exiles" have some bad news this week, but this wouldn't take too long and won't hurt the players. Developer Funcom has announced plans to reset its "Conan Exiles" servers. Funcom made the huge announcement this week.

Funcom is reportedly having some serious server issues this week and it's now considering servers reset as a solution for all of these issues. Thankfully, the upcoming server reset won't be quite as devastating to "Conan Exiles" player progress as most Conan fans have expected, according to the game's Steam page. Of course, the players' creations will be wipe out and disappear once the reset has been made. But the Conan dev team claims that after the server reset the creations process will be much easier now, and that rebuilding the players' favorite "Conan Exiles" creations will no longer be a headache.

This is not the first time the survival game has experienced this kind of issue, "Conan Exiles" has already gone through a lot of server issues since its initial launch in the market. According to Funcom, the upcoming server reset has been scheduled to nullify only the effects of recently fixed game exploits and will only apply to official game servers. Inventory might be wiped out in the reset, but Conan players will still be able to retain their current game's character level, Funcom claimed.

In other gaming-related news, the Funcom's survival game "Conan Exiles" currently leads the long list of confirmed PC-exclusive games for this year. Publishers are currently busy, preparing to launch their projects on Steam that would lead to hundreds of platform exclusive titles becoming fully available on PC this year. Check out the Steam Store to learn more about "Conan Exiles."

"Conan Exiles" is already available on PC via the Steam Early Access, and it also set to hit the Xbox One through the console's Game Preview system later this year. The barbarian-themed survival game is also coming to Sony PS4 console but there still no words on its official release date.

As for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, Funcom has not made any conversation with Nintendo and that the Norway-based game studio still has no plans to bring "Conan Exiles" to the new hybrid game console.

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