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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Episode Gladiolus Reveals Backstory, Modes [VIDEO]


Square Enix has revealed new details about "Final Fantasy XV's" Episode Gladiolus DLC story. The game company also revealed that the surprise box has returned.

Episode Gladiolus backstory

According to the official website of Square Enix, the story DLC begins after losing to the enemy high commander Ravus in the main story. Gladiolus, one of the party members of Noctis in "Final Fantasy XV" had to endure this defeat and face the limitations of his own strength. So that he can travel again with Noctis, the Chosen King, he realized that he must also have a power that is of comparable level to protect him.

This is where Gladiolus he goes to an ancient ruin that the Kingdom of Lucis found 30 years ago. In these ruins, the spirits of heroes that once served the king await for the next generation of warriors.

The physically strongest member parts ways for a while from the team and meets up with Cor, the sole survivor of the trials. He joins forces with him and sets out to challenge the Shield of the Founder King, who is Gilgamesh the Blademaster.

Episode Gladiolus features

In Episode Gladiolus, players will be focusing on what happened when Gladiolus leaves the party after a certain event in the main story of "Final Fantasy XV." Compared to how Noctis's abilities were about his mobility to warp and dodge enemy attacks, Gladiolus in the other hand fights by blocking and counterattacking with the new Valor and Rage system.

This DLC will allow players to access a new area that was previously not available in the main game. They can also obtain special items that cannot be acquired from the main game by completing this episode. In addition, there will be two new gameplay modes called the Score Attack and Final Trial after finishing it, which will offer an added challenge and high replay value for the players.

Surprise Box returns

In other Square Enix related news, the game company has revealed in another post on their official website that the Surprise Box will return for Spring 2017. Interested buyers will only have to pay $9.99 for it, which is worth $80 of Steam games. They will also get a Square Enix offering as a bonus.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XV" Episode Gladiolus PAX Trailer video below:

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