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Square Enix's Latest Moves Adds Confusion To The 'Final Fantasy XV' Gamers

Jan 14, 2017 AM EST Square Enix working on unannounced expansion but declined to make any further comment

'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' Reveals New Character From 'Final Fantasy IX'; Tetsuya Shares 'FF7' Remake & 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Update [VIDEO]

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST Square Enix has finally announced the latest character added to the roster of "Dissidia: Final Fantasy," which is Kuja from "Final Fantasy IX."

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Gameplay Features & New Worlds; Prequel Story In ‘Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8’ [VIDEO]

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST At the onset, an RPG-game like "Final Fantasy" by Square Enix seems a strange idea when mashed-up with a Disney world, but "Kingdom Hearts" was able to prove a successful team-up. Hence, anticipation ...

'Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional' News: Super Life Fusion On 3DS Revealed; Synopsis Of Five Monsters Detailed [VIDEO]

Jan 05, 2017 AM EST Square Enix has released new information about the Super Life Fusion feature of their rpg title "Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional" on the Nintendo 3DS.

'Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia' News: Square Enix Says It's Almost Done; New Character To Be Revealed Soon! [VIDEO]

Jan 05, 2017 AM EST Square Enix has recenlty brought fans up to speed as to the current state of development for the upcoming mobile game "Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia."

'Final Fantasy XV' News & Update: Square Enix To Bring More Updates This Year, Playable Characters To Include In the Multiplayer DLC

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST Square Enix's open world adventure game "Final Fantasy XV" may be a few years old now, but "FFXV" gamers are still on the look out for the latest update. Fortunately, Square Enix has promised to get ...

‘Dragon Quest XI’ Big Earnings Expected On Nintendo Switch! New Gameplay Showcases Dragon-Riding; Different PS4 & 3DS Music

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST A new "Dragon Quest XI" gameplay showcased the game's protagonist riding a dragon. Unique music arrangements will grace the title's PS4 and 3DS' versions, and big expectations are set on the game's ...

'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' June 20 Release Date & Collector's Edition Announced; New Jump & Boost Potion Feature Detailed [VIDEO]

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST Square Enix has finally announced the release date for the upcoming second expansion "Final Fantasy XIV" slated next year. Moreover, fans can check out ta few details revealed regarding the game's ...

‘Nier: Automata’ Demo Released For PS4; Seen As Best Action RPG in 2017

Dec 23, 2016 PM EST Gamers can now gauge firsthand the upgrade and changes game developers had made to the original "Nier," and experience its sequel "Nier: Automata" as Squre Enix has recently released a demo of the ...

Square Enix Working On 'FF 7 Remake'; Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary To Be Announced Soon

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST Kyohei Suzuki now working on Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a game director.

‘Kingdom Hearts HD 2. 8 Final Chapter Prologue’ New Titles Added; ’Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix’ At Jump Festa 2017 [Video]

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST It has been more than a week since the trailer for the 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" was released, but fans are still eager to know what the footage reveals and what the new gameplay ...

'Dragon Quest XI' PS4 & Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Revealed; Square Enix Confirms 2017 Release Date In Japan [VIDEO]

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Square Enix has recently unveiled some gameplay footage for its upcoming "Dragon Quest XI" on both the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS, which will be released in Japan sometime in 2017.

'Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King' – Red & Morrie Return!; Nintendo Focuses On Main Characters [VIDEO]

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST Nintendo has recenly launched two new trailers reveailing the return of Red and Morrie for "Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King" for the Nintendo 3DS.

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Update To Be Revealed At The ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’ Release; ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ For Xbox One Pre-Orders At Amazon For $59 [Video]

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST "Kingdom Hearts" fans had been eagerly waiting for updates regarding Kingdom Hearts 3" as promised by the game director at the E3 event.

‘Dragon Quest Heroes 2’ Heads For Western Shores On April For PS4; PS Vita Version Not Possible [VIDEO]

Dec 09, 2016 AM EST Square Enix has announced that "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" will be coming to the West in April for the PlayStation 4. They have also announced that the video game will not have a PlayStation Vita version.

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