‘Hitman’ Elusive Target 22 “The Bookkeeper” Now Available; One Year Celebration Revealed [VIDEO]


Game developer IO Interactive has announced that the latest "Hitman" Elusive Target 22 is now live. They also celebrated the One Year anniversary of the video game.

"Hitman" Elusive Target 22 The Bookkeeper

IO Interactive has recently announced on the official website of "Hitman" that Elusive Target 22 is now available for players to take. They will be taking out Pertti Jarnefelt who is also known as The Bookkeeper, and he will be in the Colorado mission for seven days only.

"Hitman" Elusive Target 22 mission objectives and conditions

"Hitman" players will have to take out The Bookkeeper for a limited time, but that is not the only task they have to accomplish in this mission. They will have to retrieve the ledger he is holding on to throughout the whole ordeal. They have to be careful because if the target is alerted to their presence or combat, he will evacuate and the mission will fail.

"Hitman" Elusive Target 22 failure results

For players who will fail in accomplishing the "Hitman" Elusive Target 22 contract, they will not be able to get any other chances. They will not be able to restart once any of the targets have been eliminated or when any of the objectives have been completed.

"Hitman" Elusive Target 22 rewards

Players will be able to acquire the Tactical Gear with the Hunter's Hat for Agent 47 if "Hitman" Elusive Target 22 is accomplished. If the contract is completed with the Silent Assassin rating, they will be able to gain a point for their progress for unlocking the Winter Suit.

"Hitman" One Year anniversary celebration

In other "Hitman" related news, IO Interactive announced that they will be celebrating the video game's One Year anniversary. In another post on the official website of the video game, they revealed a picture that showed all of the achievements they have done together with their fans.

The "Hitman" Elusive Target 22 The Bookkeeper Trailer video can be viewed down below:

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