BioWare Talks New Details About 'Mass Effect Andromeda', Also Revealed Andromeda Collectibles & Limited Edition


BioWare's space adventure game "Mass Effect Andromeda" is getting another trailer for this week. At last week's PAX East event, BioWare has just released another chunk of gameplay, showing to the gaming world the latest updates for the upcoming space adventure game, "Mass Effect Andromeda."

According to Dual Shockers, which got the full details of the release story, the game panel for the game "Mass Effect Andromeda" team just unveiled to the gaming world a 30-minutes Youtube video trailer, showing the Loyalty Mission with Weapon officer Liam Costa. The event takes place at last week's big PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts.

During the footage roll out, developer BioWare has given Mass Effect fans a chance to get a first look at Kosta's loyalty mission. That 30-minute footage is said to contain a fair amount of dialogue options for the Mass Effect fans and also details about Andromeda's combat gameplay, which include the ability for Mass Effect character to switch class types.

The footage also gives a thorough look at the all-new dialogue system's tone -based option, which has now replaced the game's previous Paragon and Renegade system. BioWare also showcased another interesting game element-scanning, which allows Andromeda players to acquire interesting snippet of lore and even acquire research points in the different tree: The Milky Way, the Helius Cluster and Remnant Technology.

In other Andromeda-related news, Prima Games is offering Mass Effect fans a sneak peek into their official "Mass Effect Andromeda" strategy guides, which said to come in three versions. The Pathfinder Edition comes with exclusive collectibles, which include a welcome letter, a field journal, a branded envelope, a galaxy chart, a distinct hardcover, a multiplayer booster pack DLC and last, a "Mass Effect Andromeda" Initiative backpack.

As mentioned earlier by PlayStation LifeStyle, the Collector's Edition comes with a premium hardcover and multiplayer booster pack DLC, which includes weapons and equipment. Additionally, the Collector's Edition also features some bonus content, which a foreword by BioWare lead designer Ian Frazier, and developer interviews. As for the prices and availability, the PlayStation-focused website reported that prices of each will depend on the fan's choice of retailer. But the Pathfinder Edition is limited in quantity, the website added.

Meanwhile, the gaming website IGN reported earlier that a "Mass Effect Andromeda" Limited Edition Loot Crate is now available for grabs for $49.99 (additional $10 for handling and shipping). Developed by the game developer BioWare, this Limited Edition crate also features exclusive collectible items and apparel, which is said to have a total of $90 in value. Shipping will start this June.

BioWare's next action RPG "Mass Effect Andromeda" will be released in PS4, Xbox One and PC  on March 21 for the North America and will arrive in Europe on March 23.

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