Career 101: Top Tips For Those Who Work From Home


Telecommuting or working from home has grown in popularity in the recent years. Today's technology has certainly made it easier for business owners to allow their employees to work from their homes.

There are still challenges, though, that both employers and employees face with telecommuting since it's still a fairly new process and not all companies have established protocols with it. Working from home also requires more motivation for workers.

Inc. shared six tips on how telecommuters can continue to stay efficient and be engaged with their colleagues in the office. These involve communicating with others frequently and letting them know your progress.

Stay focused

It's best to keep a routine that establishes the line between work hours and personal time. This way, you can stay focused on the task at hand during the work hours you determined.

Create rituals

Telecommuters can still have office rituals even while working from home. It is said that these rituals, when done with colleagues, can help bridge the distance and make employees feel happier.

Share your progress

A lot of companies now have an internal social network similar to Slack. These communication tools provide a great way to talk to colleagues and make it easier to track progress especially when doing projects together.

Collaborate virtually

Collaboration software can also provide great tools for employees to work with each other on a specific project. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are two of the most popular programs for this type of work.

Make lists

Keeping track of the things that you need to do is not always easy. Making lists can help with your productivity. There are a lot of apps out there that can help with your to-do list. You just have to find which one works best for you.

Schedule video calls

One of the best ways to feel engaged and connected to your colleagues is to do a video conference with them. Schedule a video call every once in a while. It can help cultivate good rapport between you and your workmates.

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