Career Choices: The Case Of Working For Money Not Passion


We've all heard of the popular notion of finding your passion and making it work for you. That is, earning money by doing what you love the most and enjoying what you do.

However, is working purely for money's sake wrong? Of course, one should not try to hoard money as much as possible by all means necessary - even through illegal means. Nonetheless, would striving to become financially stable really make it all work and no play for professionals?

Quartz shared five reasons to prove the case of choosing a career based on money. These are mostly focused on being practical in the economy we have today.

#1: It can provide clarity of purpose.

Working for money can actually give fresh graduates and seasoned professionals a clearer sense of purpose if they focus on being able to save enough money. Somehow, it can provide relief since they can pay full attention to one area of their professional lives.

#2: This is the only problem that has potential to be solved.

Money is quite possibly the only problem in life that can be easily solved. One just needs to be smart in saving and earning so that the lack of it will not cause further problems in one's life.

#3: Saving early can lead to more money later.

Fresh graduates and even college students should take advantage of compound interest and save money early. Imagine, just saving $25 each month to an account with 7 percent interest would earn an individual $59,890.53 after 40 years.

#4: Working hard now can allow you to pursue your passion later.

If you save as early as today, this can give you more resources to be able to pursue your passions later without worrying about rent money and other practical things.

#5: It's practical.

Honestly, working for money is being practical and wise. Recognizing the importance of money in life, even in pursuing your passions, is key to understanding how the world works.

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